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Zen Buddhism Meditation , Philosophy and Healing Chronic disease Centre Mumbai India

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Here is what our students are saying...


Kulwant Sanhiyal, CEO, 


‘I was at the edge of the precipice, with high BP, Stress and overworked schedules. The Zen India Program has thoroughly rejuvenated me in Mind, Body & Spirit. My BP is normal, my energy is high and above all I am free from patternized thinking. My business has jumped based on my new and open flow of thoughts. Thank u Zen India, for making me see Life in its reality, in so short a time.


Dr. Komal SV, Physician, Backyard Class student 


‘ Zen has made me aware of my life’s precious moments and has taught me to live more fully and experience Life to its fullest, without taking anything or anyone for granted’


Jason Manor: Electronic Engineer, Singapore


‘Zen India program has made me look within, it has taught me to question the answers, it has changed my whole outlook. The program has helped me to relive my Life with a fresh and innovative approach."


Dr. Sheetal Maniar, Physiotherapist, Backyard Class student 


‘Learning Zen has made me walk the effective Way in Life, and it has given me everything I had ever desired. The principles of Simplicity, Directness, Effectivity & Open mindedness have made a huge difference in my Life. I never knew Zen could change my perspectives about Life & make me a happier individual!


Ritesh, Creative Artist 


When I came face to face with myself & I didnt like what I saw. I was broken, disillusioned & lost. But with Zen class, I discovered a brand new life ahead of me & so my journey with Zen began, to work with the system & yet not be confied to it.


Zen has brought the spring back into my step, my mind works with less effort & is more efficeient. Spiritually, Zen has given me the greatest gift I could ask for, 'To be here & now' & to face life on its terms. Zen helps me to use the energy of the surroundings &not obstruct the flow of energy.


Candida Mores, Psycho Analyst Canada


‘I was so lucky to have come across this program in India. This program has made me communicate with my self, it has put me in harmony with my thoughts. My actions now are spontaneous and without doubt or hesitations. It has fortified my beliefs in Mind Body harmony"



South Mumbai (Opera House- Charni Road)
Western Suburbs (Andheri west- 4 bunglows)

Eastern Suburbs (Kandivalli east- thakur Village)
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