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Zen Buddhism Meditation , Philosophy and Healing Chronic disease Centre Mumbai India

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Doctrine of Buddha
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 (Words of Wisdom from the Buddha)


Do Not Believe in the strength of Tradition

Even if they have been held

In honor for many Generations and many Places


Do not Believe Anything because many people speak of it

Do not Believe in the strength of the Sages of old times


Do not Believe that which You yourself have imagined

Thinking that a God has inspired you.


Believe nothing which depends only on Authority of

Your Master or of Priests


After Investigation, Believe That Which

You yourself have Tested and found Reasonable,

And which is for Your Good and that of Others.



No fixed doctrine, scriptures or religious text will help you in attaining liberation without personal search, inquisitive experimentation and direct experience.
The Zen India Meditation Program will help you to reach there.


South Mumbai (Opera House- Charni Road)
Western Suburbs (Andheri west- 4 bunglows)

Eastern Suburbs (Kandivalli east- thakur Village)
Contact Zen India Program 
Call 9820496752 - Dr. Komal