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Zen Buddhism Meditation , Philosophy and Healing Chronic disease Centre Mumbai India

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On this page we will tell you about ourselves.

Our Company

The Zen India Meditation Program is conducted by a Team of Expert Faculty Members:
In addition to Zen Experts other experts include:
A) Consultant Physicians & Cardiologist
B) Alternative Medicine Consultants
C) Dieticians
D) Physiotherapists
E) Martial artists
F) Prominent Philosophers
G) Shaolin qualified trainers
H) Mediattion, Yoga Experts
I) Armed Forces Trainers 

Our Philosophy

We believe in holistic philosophy.
Total Health includes Physical, Mental, Spiritual aspects.
To awaken in todays world of Stress, Routine, Travel & Over Work reqires Balance of all elements of Life style.
So we blend teaching of Philosophy with bare minimum physical, mental, yogic aspects too, to make you an all rounded zen practitioner.
We believe that the final goal is awareness of every life process around and in you.


South Mumbai (Opera House- Charni Road)
Western Suburbs (Andheri west- 4 bunglows)

Eastern Suburbs (Kandivalli east- thakur Village)
Contact Zen India Program 
Call 9820496752 - Dr. Komal